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Let’s fix LC-202 error in Overwatch

Most Overwatch fans might have struck an error code LC-202 later trying to connect to this match in their own console. Found most commonly on PlayStation 4 servers, the code is just one of several identification amounts that normally points to a faulty link on the participant's side of things. Fortunately, however, there are a couple of distinct ways players may attempt to solve the issue.

fix LC-202 error Overwatch

To begin with, players must try disconnecting and reconnecting their games account by their Blizzard account. To accomplish this, players will have to log on the primary Blizzard website and venture in their account settings.

If reconnecting the 2 accounts does not repair the issue, users will probably then should turn to their own network configurations for your solution. Players must try to look at their network settings to show any possible problems with their router, firewall, or interface settings.

Players may then try to repair the problem by minding their router. To accomplish this, they will want to power down it and unplug it. After having a complete minute, the router could be turned back to let for a complete reset. Players must then check their online connection through their console's built-in online test. If the link is apparently functioning, players may then attempt relaunching Overwatch to find out whether the error code reappears.

Sombra tech error – Overwatch League

During the Week four of Those Overwatch League, That the Blizzard Arena at Los Angeles Struck a couple of technical Problems in the Place. While it was not the blue-screen-of-death that is emphasized by all, it'd maintain a few displays offline for a couple of minutes.

Within the place, one of the major screen screens went . Rather than displaying what it generally needs to, the Windows reboot came up. The mistake was on the display for about half an instant before being substituted by the conventional Overwatch emblem.

Sombra tech error

The technical problems have been caused by a power surge, as demonstrated by a Reddit user that works with the display management system from the stadium. They clarified in a Reddit article a"power surge knocked from the servers along with a few players cams. The experts here got it back up and running until the onset of the next match"

Typically in circumstances such as this, viperware stated a backup server could be utilized. However, the backup server has been closed down as well because of this explosion, forcing them to depend on the emblem in its location while the servers were revived.

The technical problem had no influence on the match as Seoul Dynasty went to conquer the Washington Justice 3-1. Moreover, the livestream of this game was not influenced by the technical issues. Though some may jokingly speculate when Blizzard was hinting at a new winner, it looks like it was an issue with the host.

G2 vs Vitality | Hardest game

For months, Vitality sat in 2nd position within our LEC power positions, awaiting an opportunity to take down the first-place G2. For the most part, both groups managed their company against lesser teams, only waiting to face off against each other in week.

When they eventually loaded on into the Rift, Vitality pounced with a fury which G2 appeared wholly unprepared for. Kill after kill moved into the French side and G2's counters nearly all dropped flat.

Vitality attained their guide by identifying a mismatch at the top lane involving their Lucas"Cabochard" Simon-Meslet and G2's Martin"Wunder" Hansen. Wunder is an excellent player--he won matches in Worlds last year apparently by itself.

However, Wunder can also be a high-resources carry. Vitality wager they might shut down his lane stage by sending both jungler and mid sized laner to encourage Cabochard--and they were perfect. Wunder was knocked from this lane since Vitality had their conduct of this map. Both best lane turrets were before Baron actually spawned.


g2 vs vitality

But in doing this, there was a lane Vitality whined about: Mid lane. They allow G2's best player, Rasmus"Caps" Winther, scale to an unstoppable monster on Ryze, among those highest-DPS late sport mages from the game. Even as Vitality constructed a huge guide, there was always the danger of Caps moving one-vs-nine to deliver G2 back.

That is precisely what he did. Obviously, Vitality made it even a lot easier for them by casting in a collection of bad objective calls.

Behind Caps' damage, G2 gradually drifted back into the match. There were lots of nervous moments for every, times as it looked as though the game could finish fast in either way. However, in the long run, they simply could not stand around Caps.

With the triumph, G2 locked up first place at the 2019 LEC Spring Split. They are not without defects, however --jungler Marcin"Jankos" Jankowski was absent for the majority of the game. But after stumbling a little during the previous two weeks, G2 demonstrated they can still deliver it.

G2 are once more Europe's white whale, the group that everybody else is desperately attempting to chase.

2019 Spring Split LCS | CLG benched Stixxay

Despite being tied to fourth position at the 2019 LCS Spring Split, CLG has made a decision to create a shocking roster shift before this weekend's action.

Longtime CLG ADC Trevor"Stixxay" Hayes was benched, which makes way for Osama"Automobile" Alkhalaileh to choose his position for the match. Jungler Galen"Moon" Holgate may even replace Raymond"Wiggily" Griffin at the starting lineup.


CLG benched Stixxay

Stixxay has been enjoying for CLG because 2015--thus the decision to seat him has become surprise to a lot of lovers of their business and North American League of Legends as a whole.

Automobile has additionally been around CLG for a very long time--he joined the business in 2016. However, together with Stixxay manning the bot lane for many decades, Automobile was stuck on CLG's Academy and Challenger teams.

Now Stixxay is on the seat, Auto will find the opportunity to prove what he can perform on the LCS point today against Golden Guardians in 4pm CT..

Overwatch for the beginners: Let's choose a Hero

Overwatch basics for the very beginners

In Overwatch, newbies often make trivial mistakes, but do not noticing them until someone pays attention to them and tells you what went wrong.

No matter how much the game looks like everyone's favorite CS or Battlefield, almost all the characters shoot (except Reinhardt), but it’s still worth remembering that this is an independent game with its own features and features. And each of these features becomes available only after choosing a hero.

Classes in Overwatch

All heroes are divided into 3 classes: heroes of attack, tanks and support. In turn, the heroes of the attack are DPS heroes (those who do a lot of damage). Tanks and supports are engaged in the protection of DPS. True, there is a small reservation. Depending on the chosen hero, the player’s task changes. For example, Winston is taken to quickly break into the rear of the enemy with the rapid removal of the support of the enemy, and Symmetra does not have the ability to heal.


Tanks, in turn, I divided into 2 types. Mobile tanks and static. Mobile tanks are engaged in frequent fast bursts into the crowd, bringing in DPS and sowing panic. But static tanks are engaged in more defense of allies in the region, although just like mobile ones can fly into the crowd, only in this case they have lower chances of survival. The best heroes that used in Overwatch Boosting are:

  • Genji;
  • Zarya;
  • Roadhog;
  • Tracer;
  • Widowmaker.

Team compositions

The standard variant of the pick is 2-2-2, that is, two tanks, two support and two DPS, although there are other schemes that have the right to exist, but they are often not balanced and require the choice of a particular hero. For example, 1-3-2 or 2-3-1. Even 3-1-2 can be done in some cases, but it comes so rarely that I have never seen a normal game with such a peak.

If the pick is 1-3-2, then the tank must be static. Only such a tank will be able to protect its team. The counter-reference of this scheme is 2-3-1. With such a peak, 2 tanks share all the damage among themselves, and 3 dds from the back of their tanks bring their damage to the only enemy tank, it does not stand up, dies and you can break through further by killing other thin heroes.

Scheme 2-3-1, in turn, will counter scheme 2-2-2, where one triple (static tank + dd + heal in case of breakage of its shield) works on the enemy’s shields, and the second three (mobile tank + mobile dd + heal). In this case, part of the damage is transferred from the first three to the second three, which in turn will cut out thin opponents. The same scheme 2-3-1 is countered by the same 2-3-1 scheme, only in this case, the first three work not tank + DPS + heal, but tank + 2 DPS. You could learn more about team composition in Overwatch.

Best Tanks in Overwatch

The role of a static tank is often played by Reinhardt, who trivially sets up a shield and simply blocks damage from the enemy, while the Allied DPS do damage. But for the role of a mobile tank, you need to choose a hero that will fit the map and the enemy's pick. As such a tank, I really like D.VA with its ability to fly into the back, hit on everyone and, turning on her shield, either escape or absorb almost any amount of damage.

In defense, at short distances, you can take Roadhog. He is a good flanker. Those. if he goes to the side or back, gives his abilities (a hook, with a shotgun in the head + a punch), then he will take almost any character, except for another tank. Here, however, there is one big "but". If you draw a character to yourself, on which the heal hangs, then most likely you will not be able to kill him instantly, but you can always finish it with an alternative headshot.

At the peak of the mobile tank are many options. But the static tank in fact one, and this is Reinhardt. Although Orisa also belongs to a static tank, but her shield is removed very quickly. And if you penetrate behind her shield (for those who do not know, her shield is placed on the ground and cannot be moved), then in most cases she dies. Although the hero is new and has not yet learned to play on it and did not find her a place in the pick even on the pro stage among equal teams.

Best DPS in Overwatch

Usually, there is always a place for the hero of Soldier-76 in the team composition. A fast moving character with a pretty strong ultimate against subtle opponents. Does a lot of damage in the middle and close range. Although some magicians annihilate enemies even at long distances, but still you must soberly assess their capabilities.

Sometimes heroes such as Torbjorn and Bastion help the defense. Both do a lot of damage and are both very vulnerable to ranged heroes such as Pharah, Widowmaker, and even Hanzo. They all have the opportunity to do so much damage that these two heroes die extremely quickly.

With a low level of shooting, it's not worth taking McCree, Tracer, and Sombra. If McCree does a lot of damage, but has a very low rate of fire, then Sombra and Tracer have a high rate of fire and little damage. As a result, you need to shoot only in the head and only at close distances. Because of this, the first hero with each mistake is getting worse and worse for the team, and the last two - very often die and do not cause damage. They are usually taken as the third DPS in the 2-3-1 scheme in order to work from the back of the opponent.

The Reaper is very good and, most importantly, quickly cut out tanks, but only at close range. So, if small rooms, such as the third part of the Eichenwald map, the enemy consists mainly of tanks and those who cannot quickly do a lot of damage - then the Reaper might help.

Genji - the most unpleasant character for supports and snipers. He can quickly and accurately cut them and run. But this character is not very simple. You need to train a lot on him and it’s not a fact that you will quickly learn how to play on him. And he fits not against every pick.

Junkrat is taken for demospam. Because of the long flight of the projectile, which flies in a canopy, and not in a straight line, it is almost useless. But, nevertheless, sometimes it is useful to simply spam the enemy, discard it from the load or throw a trap in time to catch some kind of mobile hero and take it out while he is standing in the roots.

Mei is considered one of the most useless characters. Although in some picks she looks quite well. And all because of the fact that for freezing, and accordingly for the accumulation of ults, she needs to come close to the enemy. And that means she will be torn apart very quickly.

Best Supports in Overwatch

Symmetra. She is not on the list of DPS, although she does a lot of damage, but because she needs to come close to her opponent, she can be quickly killed. At least one on one she can kill, you can not replace it with a full dd. But nevertheless she is useful thanks to the teleport and turrets. It is very nice to return to the battlefield almost immediately after a respawn, and finish your job. In the game with the Symmetra scheme must be x-x-2, not x-x-3.

Zenyatta He puts up a debuff on the increase in damage to the enemy, has a lot of his damage. Able to heal. True, he has a weak healer compared to other healers. It is usually taken for the sake of debuff and ultimate, during which the allies become almost immortal.

Ana is one of the top supports at high levels and the most useless at low levels. And all due to the fact that for heal she needs to get from her rifle to the allies. And if someone shields him (whether it is an ally or an adversary), then Ana will not be able to help. If you just throw, the so-called "grenade", but it will not allow him to cure completely. It has a useful ability “Sleep”, but it is not valued at low levels, because instead of continuing to fight 5 by 6, everyone starts shooting at the sleeper, causing him damage, from which he wakes up and the fight continues 6 by 6.


Ana's Ultimate in inctredibly very strong. It increases outgoing damage and decreases incoming damage to the nanoboosted hero. Often players combine ultimates with Ana. Although sometimes they give to tanks that can quickly and efficiently endure everyone they see.

TNC Predator | SEA power shuffle

The Southeast Asian Dota two scene has ever turned out a couple of top-level competitions, but this year has demonstrated that Fnatic could be the sole standout.

Among the top 10 teams around the GosuGamer's ranks for Dota two teams, Fnatic ranks sixth internationally after placing sixth at The Chongqing Major. Together with an eighth place finish in The Kuala Lumpur Major in 2018, they maintain the top spot from the SEA area by a good margin.

Their sole competition in the area right now is TNC Predator, a group that's presently going through several roster problems of their own.

Despite sitting in a solid 10th place at the worldwide rankings, Predator appears to be about the downswing after a disappointing 12th place depart from Chongqing. This positioning together with the shifting of other groups in SEA usually means that changes were probably coming into the roster.

After shooting the last part of 2018 and also the beginning of 2019 off as a result of drama surrounding him which led to him being prohibited from attending The Chongqing Major, Carlo'Kuku' Palad returned into Predator's active roster since the team geared up to compete for entry into DreamLeague Season 11.


Dota 2 TNC

But with Kuku back along with the group apparently at full power for the first time at the year, they were eliminated on the first day of their SEA qualifiers for another Major. Shortly after case, Predator declared that Michael'ninjaboogie' Ross wouldn't more be with the group.

The prior Mineski participant joined the group in late 2018 after yet another shuffling of all rosters at the area. The early removal from the qualifiers probably pushed plans ahead for attempting to locate a new leadership for your roster.

The Lotac participant isn't a stranger to the top notch of SEA contest, having played Fnatic, Mineski, and TNC until they had been rebranded to TNC Predator.

In this uncertain time for its second-ranked staff in the area, the groups behind them are not only sitting on their hands. The two Mineski and the prior TNC-related group Tigers have made moves in the last month to place themselves in position to compete.

On peak of this list sits Mineski who seems posied to choose that next place in the area. Adding Lai"AhJit" Jay Son near the end of January sparked their group and they played at an extremely large degree from the DreamLeague qualifiers. They were able to take a game from the greatest winners in Fnatic and maintained the next SEA place at another Major.

Even though their first outing for a unit ended in tragedy --together failing to make the closed qualifiers to get DreamLeague--that the possibility is still there.

For another opportunity at creating DreamLeague Season 11, Predator might need to fight through a different set of available qualifiers and also make it in to StarLadder ImbaTV Dota two Minor.

Qualifiers for StarLadder Minor

Since the DreamLeague Season 11 qualifiers wrap up during the upcoming few days, there are already heaps of teams that are out searching for a different route to get in the Major.

The StarLadder ImbaTV Dota two Minor is another Dota Pro Circuit event on the calendar, using shut qualifiers kicking off in a day or two, and the 15 spots from the Stockholm Major are stuffed up another round of championship qualifiers were just declared.

For those teams that competed at the DreamLeague qualifiers for the Major and put just outside of making the cut, the invitations are out. Now those groups will have another chance at life since they compete in a different group of qualifiers.

Every area's qualifier will be different in groups which are going to be competing, but just China and CIS will probably have several agents while North America, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia will likely just have one group each.



Despite being among the biggest places and using two spots set apart from the Minor, China will just have four complete teams competing at the qualifier.

The only other area with six teams competing is Europe, that have already declared OG, Vega Squadron, and Kaban will fulfill three of these areas.

North America is just another spectacle which will just have four teams competing, even though now for just 1 championship place. Those groups are compLexity Gambling, Team Team, and also the newly formed Flying Penguins. South America is in precisely the exact same vessel, confirming that rei perform picolé and Thunder Predator are the direct invitations for the area.

SEA encouraged BOOM ID and Lotac in the groups that competed prior. This could be the area with the most external rivalry as both TNC Predator and Tigers will underline the field attempting to get in on the action during the open qualifier.

The majority of the qualifiers will take place Feb. 9 to 10 and also the StarLadder Minor will accompany almost exactly a month after, with the event beginning Mar. 7 and running before the 10th.